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Maayan Gordon

Expert in Social Media Psychology!

I teach people to make social media work FOR them not AGAINST them. I custom tailor PROVEN strategies to making growing on social media EASY without the confusion, overwhelm, or frustration!

2.3 Million followers

Over 1 BILLION video views

$1+ Million in Sales

Stop Struggling with Social Media!

Social media is a tool and if you don't learn how to use it correctly you'll never get the results you're looking for. Learn to unlock the key to your success online by learning the PSYCHOLOGY behind how social media works. 

Why Hire me for your next project.

I teach people to TRANSFORM their lives using written and video content. I share the strategies, tips, and tactics that I have personally used over the past 10+ years to go from Homeless and surviving to Homeowner and thriving!

After surviving a gas explosion when I was 19 years old I was homeless and living out of a 1978 RV. I built my first business to 6-figures in one year using the power of social media.

Since then I’ve gone on to create 3 more successful businesses in both the product and service industries. I have grown my social media following to more than 2,300,000 followers on TikTok, 38,000 on Instagram, and 34,000 here on LinkedIn.

My main focus now is Strategy and Consulting with other brands, businesses, and people to help them fully unlock the power of social media to accelerate their growth and happiness.

Message me for a free consultation if you’re interested in help or support with your social media.

You can also join my Mastermind Program here: www.maayangordonmedia.com/mastermind

My Services

Every service I offer is custom tailored to fit the needs of my client. Below lists a few of the areas where I typically help clients optimize, grow and execute. Contact me for a free discovery call to find out which service best fits your needs. 

One Hour Consultation

Pick my brain for 1 hour. Gain clarity and confidence in your actions moving forward. I will answer any and every question you have around marketing strategy, social media platforms, and how to create progress and momentum. 

Deep Dive Strategy Session

Choose from either a Full-Day or Half-Day strategy session where we will define your brand identity, set goals, targets, and milestones, and craft a marketing strategy to help guide daily actions. 

Monthly Consulting

Perfect for people and organizations that see the value in ongoing consulting and support. Weekly meetings and 24/7 access to help you gain ultimate clarity and confidence in your actions and in acheiveing your goals. 

Influencer Marketing

I have an incredible network of more than 2 million followers across multiple platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. I work with brands long term as an influencer to create more brand awareness while creating incredible brand assets. 

Speaking Engagements & Keynotes

Are you looking for an incredible speaker for your event, podcast, group or business? I have empowering stories and life lessons to share that will leave listeners reflecting on their own life, choices, and significance. 

Research & Analysis Reports

We all know the POWER of data. Get access to the same data that Fortune 500 companies have and detailed anylsis for your brand or business. Receive a 15-page report that helps you better understand your customers and audience. 

I am Honored to be Featured in the Following Publications and MORE!

I LOVE sharing my story, insights, and experiences with people around the world. If you would like to feature me on your podcast, news source, website, blog, social media, or any other publication, please contact me through the button below. 

My Experience

Read the Timeline below to gain a better understanding of my journey over the past 10 years and what makes me uniquely qualified to develop and execute on social media and brand strategy. da.

  • 1 AUGUST 2010 - 15 JULY 2012

    Freelance Copywriting

    I began my career in marketing with 2 years of freelance copywriting work across almost all industries. This included writing blog posts, articles for content marketing, email campaigns, and landing pages. I used SEO, keyword research, and developed a strong understanding of content marketing during this time period. 

  • 15 JULY 2012 - 15 JANUARY 2014

    Business #1 - Smoking Accessories

    My first product based business where I created a smoking accessory called "Diffuser Beads". I created the entire brand strategy including packaging design, website, social media strategy, and trade show strategy. 6-Figure Sales in the first year and successfully grew the Instagram account to 10,000+ followers.

  • 15 JANUARY 2014 - 15 JANUARY 2016

    Business #2 - Graphic Design & Stickers

    6-Figures in Sales in the first year, this company started as purely graphic design including logos, banners, and websites but then evolved quickly to offer sticker printing and custom t-shirt creation.


    Business #3 - Glassblowing

    After a single glassblowing lesson I purchased all the necessary equipment to start my own studio and dove head first into creating glass art pieces. I've sold more than $1,000,000 in glass pieces mostly through Instagram but also wholesale at trade shows. Grew the Instagram account from 15,000 to 40,000 followers and created a 2nd Instagram account that also grow to 40,000 followers for a combined 80,000 following on the platform. Shipped more than 25,000 orders and have had 10,000s of conversations with customer through the DMs to gain an incredible understanding of buyer behavior and psychology.

  • 15 AUGUST 2019 - CURRENT

    Becoming a MEGA Influencer on TikTok

    Began as an effort to add more value to my Monkey Boy Art business it quickly exploded in popularity gaining more than 600,000 followers in its 3rd month. The brand morphed to focus on both my personal brand as Maayan Gordon and also sharing artwork from other glass artists all over the world. I was invited into the TikTok Popular Creator Program and have participated in several other Platform programs since including an official TikTok promoted Live Stream that was watched by more than 300,000 people in a single day. 

  • 1 MARCH 2020 - CURRENT

    Coaching & Consulting

    After joining the LinkedIn platform and community I saw an incredible need for the skills I had developed in my own businesses so I founded Maayan Gordon Media to help businesses, brands, and individuals learn to leverage their social media accounts to create stronger impact and more successful businesses. This company focuses in 2 distinct areas - Consultation and Execution. In a short time it has already had a profound impact on a large number of people to help them build more sustainable and long-term success. 

What Customers Say

These are testimonials from just a few of the amazing business owners and entrepreneurs that I've worked with. 

My goal is ALWAYS to deliver MORE VALUE than you expect and get you RESULTS!

Wendy Herman


Maayan is a pleasure to work with. She has vast digital knowledge and a strong grasp on social growth in channels like instagram, Tik Tok and linkedin. As a consultant Maayan has provided us with meaningful actionable advice. She is as strategic as she is generous, genuinely vested in her clients successes.

Adam Issadore

Path to Rythm LLC

WORKING WITH MAAYAN IS NEXT LEVEL! I reached out to Maayan because I wanted her help with starting to use Tiktok for my business and branding. She delivered a report that offered deep, insightful and practical information for me to apply to my strategy. I feel confident knowing that I have Maayan as a resource. And I appreciate how authentic she is in her work. Maayan is the real deal. 

Erinn Nobel

The Real Brokerage, Inc

Maayan is the go-to expert in TikTok Social marketing. She took the time to privately consult with me to spearhead ideas that have improved my message. She was incredibly responsive, thoughtful and creative. I highly recommend signing up for her webinar as well; there is a lot to learn in this new era of marketing - Maayan will help you nail down your message to attract followers, engage your audience, and gain positive results!

Brent Teague

Teague Analytics, L.L.C.

Maayan is definitely the GO-TO professional for a strong presence with your social media mix! She works quickly, and has aggressive techniques that promise to move your brand faster and with more accuracy to reach your specific target audience. I recommend reaching out to Maayan right away, especially if you've been on the fence, or procrastinating with your social media strategy. She has the energy, drive, depth of knowledge, and strategic expertise to move your brand ahead of the crowd.

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Send me an email if you have any questions or would like a custom quote on your next project. I offer FREE Discovery meetings to help you determine what service or route is the best for you. 



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