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These are testimonials from just a few of the amazing business owners and entrepreneurs that I've worked with. 

My goal is ALWAYS to deliver MORE VALUE than you expect and get you RESULTS!

Wendy Herman


Maayan is a pleasure to work with. She has vast digital knowledge and a strong grasp on social growth in channels like instagram, Tik Tok and linkedin. As a consultant Maayan has provided us with meaningful actionable advice. She is as strategic as she is generous, genuinely vested in her clients successes.

Adam Issadore

Path to Rythm LLC

WORKING WITH MAAYAN IS NEXT LEVEL! I reached out to Maayan because I wanted her help with starting to use Tiktok for my business and branding. She delivered a report that offered deep, insightful and practical information for me to apply to my strategy. I feel confident knowing that I have Maayan as a resource. And I appreciate how authentic she is in her work. Maayan is the real deal. 

Erinn Nobel

The Real Brokerage, Inc

Maayan is the go-to expert in TikTok Social marketing. She took the time to privately consult with me to spearhead ideas that have improved my message. She was incredibly responsive, thoughtful and creative. I highly recommend signing up for her webinar as well; there is a lot to learn in this new era of marketing - Maayan will help you nail down your message to attract followers, engage your audience, and gain positive results!

Brent Teague

Teague Analytics, L.L.C.

Maayan is definitely the GO-TO professional for a strong presence with your social media mix! She works quickly, and has aggressive techniques that promise to move your brand faster and with more accuracy to reach your specific target audience. I recommend reaching out to Maayan right away, especially if you've been on the fence, or procrastinating with your social media strategy. She has the energy, drive, depth of knowledge, and strategic expertise to move your brand ahead of the crowd.