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  • Lessons From Being Homeless & Tik Tok with Maayan Gordon​

    Oct 21, 2020


    Maayan Gordon became homeless when her house exploded. She decided to take control of her situation and has a remarkable story of perspective, perseverance, work ethic, and vulnerability. Maayan went from homeless to creating her own digital marketing agency and now has more than 2 million followers on TikTok. I learned a ton from talking with her and am sure you'll find huge value in it too.

  • The Power of Social Media with Kylie Francis & Maayan Gordon

    MAY 18, 2020


    Maayan Gordon went from from homeless to homeowner & business owner. Her story on how she became TikTok famous, through being a kick-ass glass artist, business owner, writer, speaker and influencer is nothing short of incredible

  • A Conversation with Tik Tok Influencer Maayan Gordon

    JANUARY 31, 2020


    Maayan Gordon (Linkedin, InstagramFacebook) was our guest in this episode.  Maayan is a Tik Tok influencer and understands the great mysteries of the platform that keep so many of us off Tik Tok. 

  • Why has TikTok’s popularity grown with the older demographic?​

    JULY 15, 2020


    We discussed TikTok’s success in our latest online debate; where our CEO John Readman asked Maayan Gordon, TikTok & LinkedIn Coach, Inigo Rivero, Former TikTok EMEA Strategy and Partnership Manager and Jamie MacDonald, Social Media Manager & Influencer for their views on why they think TikTok’s popularity has increased with the older demographic.

  • TikTok Strategies: Maayan Gordon


    Maayan Gordon is a TikTok coach with 2.3 Million followers! She shares ideas for getting attention and keeping followers through creative and complex tactics on the wildly popular video streaming app. 

  • How a TikTok phenomenon grows her business with social media with Maayan Gordon​

    FEBRUARY 17, 2020

  • Tik Tok Millions with Maayan Gordon Social Media Consultant & Glass Entrepreneur​

    DECEMBER 7, 2019


    TikTok Millions with Maayan Gordon Social Media Consultant! One of the smartest interviewee’s I’ve had on the show, talks about how she grew to 1.5 million followers on Tik Tok within 5 months.

  • Douyin it Right on TikTok with The Gaffer​



    TikTok Influencer Maayan Gordon has built an audience of over 1.5 million for her glass-blowing business and she's going to talk through being consistent, experimenting with content and engaging with her audience to get you up to speed in a flash. 



    Let's talk about TikTok - and why it matters to Amazon Sellers and eCommerce companies in general. You may be wondering how the TikTok algorithm works and makes videos go viral and Steve and Maayan will speculate on that exact topic today.

  • Maayan Gordon, Social Media Consultant, Business Owner, Artist, Social Media Influencer…​

    January 25, 2020


    If you want to hear a story of resiliency, tremendous hard work, tragedy, and the constant re-invention of a brand, you'll love this story.

  • How gamers can use social media to get into Esports - feat. Maayan Gordon​

    February 10, 2020


    HOW GAMERS CAN USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET INTO ESPORTS // If you have a gaming stream and want to know how to get into esports or how you can make money in video games. This is the video for you.

  • Leveraging TikTok in 2020 with Maayan Gordon​

    February 26, 2020


    I got the opportunity to interview Maayan Gordon, a leading Tiktok influencer with over 1.7 million followers on Tiktok. She posts crazy glass blowing videos on her profile @worldofglass

  • How to Emotionally Connect with Millions on TikTok

    February 27, 2020

  • Overcome Obstacles, with Maayan Gordon​

    March 3, 2020


    Constantly making up excuses not to follow through? This is the story you need to hear. From being homeless to starting many successful ventures, Maayan Gordon is a Social Media Consultant, Speaker, and Glass Blower.

  • Learn How to Get Famous on Tiktok From a Tiktok Star​

    March 27, 2020


    We sat down with Maayan Gordon a TikTok Consultant, Branding Expert, Glass artist, Business owner, Writer, Speaker, and Influencer. She shares all the tips you need to get started with social media for your business on TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

  • Higher Education Marketing: Tik Tok and Beyond - with Maayan Gordon


    In This Episode… Join us in a riveting conversation with Mayaan Gordon, a TikTok social media phenom with 1.7 million followers. She gives the inside scoop on how to mobilize social media in higher education to grow an audience quickly and use its content and technology in marketing, as she has had amazing success in her meteoric rise as a social media influencer since October 2019. 

  • Special Guest Maayan Gordon​

    April 29, 2020


    Tiktok and LinkedIn Coach - 550M+ video views - Glassblower w/ 1.7M followers - Copywriter - Speaker - Live Streamer - Leader

  • Building Your Online Presence with Maayan Gordon​

    Oct 22, 2020​


    In this episode of the Mainsail Financial Group Podcast, Maayan Gordon shares her experience and expertise for creating an authentic online presence, and how to not only use social media effectively for branding, but to build strong relationships as well.

  • How To Process & Sort Out Emotions | Maayan Gordon |



    On The Actually Connecting Podcast, we discuss being an empath, processing emotions, and steps to be your best self...with Dan Brue & Maayan Gordon.

  • Treating Social Media Like A Science Experiment with Maayan Gordon​

    MAY 4, 2020


    Today’s guest is Maayan Gordon, an incredibly successful social media influencer and entrepreneur that has amassed over 2.3 MILLION followers across multiple platforms, with over 2 million on TikTok alone.  

    On the show, she shares how she went from starving and homeless to create multiple successful businesses.

  • Maayan Gordon, Tik Tok Influencer | 1.7 Million Tik Tok Followers 



    In this episode, we sit down with Tik Tok Influencer, Maayan Gordon. Maayan is a Tik Tok Expert, Social Media Strategist and an amazing artist when it comes to glassblowing. 

  • Empowery Women’s Conference - Tik Tok with Maayan Gordon​



  • Growing a Business & Going Viral on TikTok with Influencer Maayan Gordon

    Dec 3, 2019


    TikTok is without a doubt a Cinderella story, a massive success and global phenomenon. Today I am joined by an amazing guest, Maayan Gordon who is a TikTok influencer with 1.2M followers and leverages the platform for her glass art company.

  • Digging deep - Maayan Gordon, Entrepreneur, Tik Tok influencer​

    August 13th, 2020


    Most recently Maayan found huge success on TikTok and Linkedin, growing her tiktok following to more than 2 million followers and Linkedin to more than 25,000 in less than a year.

  • Mastering the Art of Social Media: Growing Over +2 Million Followers On Instagram and TikTok​

    Feb 4, 2020


    Maayan is a 28 year old TikTok Consultant, Branding Expert, Glass artist, Business owner, Social Media Consultant and Influencer.

  • Exploding Online With TikTok Expert Maayan Gordon​

    January 22, 2020


    This episode covers how to successfully brand yourself online and go through hypergrowth. Maayan Gordon is an established TikTok expert in digital marketing and media brand consultant helping businesses reach their peak performance. Learn how to grow with new social platforms.

  • Episode 7 - Interview with Maayan Gordon

    January 26, 2020


    In this exciting episode, we dive into some of the safety tactics associated with the art of glassblowing, with none other than Maayan Gordon from Monkey Boy Art. 

  • Figure Out The Life You Want and Make It Happen w/Maayan Gordon​

    Feb 4, 2020


    Maayan is a 28 year old TikTok Star consultant with 1.7+ Million followers in her account @worldofglass & 310K with @joyoffood, Branding Expert, Glass artist, Business owner, Social Media Consultant and Influencer with a community on Instagram: 80K between her two accounts @monkeyboyglass and @Monkeyboyart.


    The Tik Tok Revolution: Proven Strategies To Go Viral​

    Feb 14, 2020


    It's no use trying to avoid it - Tik Tok is the real deal. And it's time to start figuring out how to win on the platform while engagement and reach are super high on the platform. To get the real scoop on how to optimize for TT I brought in Mayaan Gordon, who has more than 2 million combined Tik Tok followers.

  • Utilizing TikTok for Business with Maayan Gordon


    - Your journey (Homeless to Business Owner) - How TikTok can work for your business - Where do see TikTok in the next 5 years?

  • Video Podcast with Maayan Gordon, TikTok Consultant​

    Feb 24, 2020


    TikTok expert, Social media consultant shares her knowledge with Gigi JK, CEO of Virtina. eCommerce Strategy, Solutions and Optimization Company. The focus is on TikTok and eCommerce.

  • How to get 2.3M followers/ Maayan Gordon - Marketing Expert

    March 20, 2020


    From homeless, to now having over 2.3 million social media followers, her journey to the top is not only interesting, but inspiring and motivating!

    An influential TikTok/ Linkedin  consultant, top branding expert, skilled glass artist, writer and speaker, Maayan is not only multi-talented, but driven, and her determination and hard work to get to where she is today really is inspirational.

  • Maayan Gordon TikTok and Social Media Influencer Interview​

    April 30, 2020



    On epidsode 43 of Okon Bros. we interview Maayan Gordon, businesswoman, glassblower, TikTok and social media influencer.

  • How to TikTok and Why It's EXPLODED with​ Maayan Gordon

    April 2, 2020


    Maayan is a TikTok Consultant, Branding Expert, Glass Artist, Business Owner, Writer, Speaker and Influencer with a total following of over 2.3M followers across multiple platforms.

News Publications I've Been Featured In

  • Spokane glass artist Maayan Gordon finds millions of fans and maybe a new career path via TikTok

    January 02, 2020


    "The big fish always have an advantage in resources, but any time there's an advancement in technology, it levels the playing field," she says. 

  • Learn TikTok marketing from TikTok consultant and coach – Maayan Gordon


    Tiktok is growing fast and brands are still figuring out how to use it for marketing.

    Meet Maayan Gorden who has 1.7 million followers on the platform and is also a professional TikTok consultant and coach


  • Here’s What Industry Experts Think Online Video Looks Like in 2020​

    December 31, 2019


    2020 is going to be the year that mobile video content begins to truly dominate all other forms of content from printed books and magazines to laptops and TVs. The cell phone will start to influence purchasing behavior in a way we’ve never seen before as artificial intelligence becomes highly integrated into phone apps.

  • Why HR and Recruitment Should Be Leveraging TikTok

    October 19, 2020


    With 2 million (yes, 2,000,000) TikTok followers Mayaan Gordon explains why HR should embrace
    new social channels to boost brand awareness and attract the right candidates

  • Why Crafters Are Flocking to TikTok​

    September 02, 2020


    Social media is a cornerstone of every modern business’ marketing strategy, and small craft shops are no exception. From building brand Twitter accounts to joining Facebook groups to doing Instagram giveaways, crafters have turned to social media to promote their businesses and find online communities.

  • Can Influencers Rule Online Marketing In The Post-Cookie World?

    Mar 4, 2020


    “The size of the (influencer’s) audience is mattering less and less and the depth is mattering more and more,” said Maayan Gordon, a TikTok consultant and influencer in Spokane, Wash.

  • Art of glass: Artist Maayan Gordon is at the top of Spokane’s TikTok game​

    Thu., Sept. 3, 2020


    Glass artist Maayan Gordon creates a leaf glass pendant using a tabletop torch in her South Hill garage studio on Aug. 25. Gordon is one of the most successful TikTok creators in Spokane.

  • ‘Every social media has its peak. Right now, it’s TikTok’s peak.’

    April 7, 2020


    Maayan Gordon ’12 is a TikTok consultant and coach. She works with brands and businesses to develop social media strategies, specifically on TikTok. Her TikTok @worldofglass has 1.7 million followers, and every day she posts multiple glassblowing videos. 

  • Inside TikTok’s hypnotic, colorful, and lucrative art world​

    September 28, 2020


    TikTok’s format makes it an effective vehicle for showcasing art and an artist’s process.“[An artist] might have made something very small, but it took them an intense amount of time and effort,” says Maayan Gordon (@worldofglass), a glassblower and marketing consultant with 2.1 million followers. The videos can “create awareness around the talent it takes to create these pieces.”

  • April Digital Business Women - Female Tech Leaders 2020​

    April 2020

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