Meet our Team

These are the members of Maayan Gordon Media that make our work possible!

Maayan Gordon

CEO, Director of Marketing

Maayan has 10+ Years in Digital Marketing, Founder of 4 successful businesses, 750+ million video views, and 2+ million followers on social media.


She is focused on value creation, unique marketing methods, communications and sales.


Above all Maayan believes in the power of influence through communicatioin and the power of belief in ones self and the significance each of us has to make an impact and change the world in a positive and profound way.  

Jesse Johnson

CFO, Director of Sales and Finance

Jesse is a highly motivated and ambitious professional, single father of 6, and successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses.


He is focused on building a legacy that impacts every generation, both professionally and personally, by building a foundation of excellence in all pursuits.


Determined to break through boundaries of fear and base decisions off of values such as: character, honesty, optimism, and integrity, so we can live a life of progressive significance.

Ria Jimenez

Marketing Manager and Head of Content Creation

Ria is a Fulltime Mom and Certified Social Media VA. Almost 3 years ago, she decided to start her digital career as a Virtual Assistant(VA) for a Business. 


From having the best of times to unexpected single motherhood, this roller coaster turn of life made her who she is now.


Now, being a Social Media VA for Maayan Gordon Media gives her the chance to explore more in her digital career. She is excited that with what she can do,  what she has done, and her educational background in Social Media Management, she can help in the growth of Maayan Gordon Media and its excellent social media presence.

Rochelle Sampy


Rochelle Sampy is a copywriter who currently helps SaaS and eCommerce entrepreneurs retain customers through long-form content creation and management.


When she isn’t writing, she loves practising meditation and exercising through boxing as she feels that this really makes her day wonderful.


Originally from India (but with Portuguese ancestors!), Rochelle loves working with people who celebrate and cherish their own diversity. She is also a fan of working with clients who have a great sense of humour, put family first, are transparent and appreciate how content drives value for their business.

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